Fading Away

There are times we all go through hard times , and for some of us penning or typing down words is the only escape we have.

Here is a piece by Karim .


Just as we become so strong,
I feel it fading away,
I feel the laughter fading,
The jokes and smiles lessen each day,
I feel the hug fading,
They’ve become so emotionless compared to before,
I feel our kisses fading,
The passion has it all faded?
I feel us slowly fading away.
I can’t seem to understand,
This feeling is so strong,
Every time we are “we”
The love fades away,
But every time it’s just you and I,
The love is so strong,
How could we be fading so soon?
Will it return from the darkness?
Please stop the fading
If there is anything you can do…


In the silence of sadness
what will the winds bring tomorrow?
In the sadness of silence
my soul sighs soft breaths of sorrow.
Where did those rainbows go,
reminiscing happier times?
Thunder brings further misery –
am I victim of my own crimes?
I must have betrayed the sun,
for it offers no sanctuary.
The moon refusing to shine in the darkness,
And when there was love,
it never rained so violently.
The winds would come and go,
fading away so silently.
Mind drowns in a somber cesspit,
struggling to cope with all the demons
As even the once broken pieces are now shattered!
I know I rushed in like a fool
And now I’m frozen by the pain
I don’t know what I’m becoming
As we are silenty fading away
Little by little
I’m dying inside….

Writer;Karim Dallatu

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