So, today I went out with a friend to buy books amongst other things. After we were done and ready to return home, I decided we order Tirhal (this is a transportation service like uber). We got a ride which stated on the app “grey Hyundai car”, at that moment we saw a grey Hyundai car right in front of us that matched the description, to tired to check the registration plate we asked him if he was the tirhal guy and he said yes.

Next he asked where we was going and it was at that point we realized this was the wrong grey car. To tired to look for the “original” grey car we were suppose to use we asked him to take us home and I had to cancel the first order.

On the ride I asked myself was this destined to happen? was it a coincidence or was it original grey car’s bad luck and the second’s good luck?

Which do you think it is, comment below

I myself have had my share of bad luck today. I bought a watermelon which turned out not so great.

Choosing or picking this watermelon which turned out not so good did not spoil my day. This is because I choose to remain unaffected by the negative occurrence.

Always remember dear reader, be it fate, coincidences or Lucks, only you have the power to choose how they affect you.

I advise you choose happiness and see things in the positive light.

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