Forgive and Forget

Many times we get hurt by others and are advised to forgive and forget . Before I proceed , what does “forgive and forget” mean . I personally never really understood the concept of forgetting as I took it too literally, but with research and study I found the best definition for it.

Forgive and forget according to the Macmillan dictionary means to decide not to continue being angry about something that someone has done, and not to allow your memory of it affect your future relationship.

Forgiving in my opinion is easy, as I was taught to forgive other so your Heavenly Father can forgive you Matt 6:14.

Forgetting is not . Today as I discussed with a friend . She spoke on how great this person was and I could not just totally agree with her, Is she a great person ?Yes, but!

Oh the “but” word. I kept on having vivid flashbacks of my encounter with her and then I realized, I said I have forgiven but I didn’t forget. This created another question which is; Is my forgiveness valid? If I still remember it so vividly, still feeling the saddened.Have I really forgiven? Comment below what your answers to these questions are.

Many of us are like this with certain issues . We say the word “I have forgiven” but in reality we haven’t deep down and can still feel it . Holding on to hurts dear reader is not healthy, as you accumulate a lot of negative energy , giving more room for hatred, sadness, depression, anger, disappointment e.t.c .

As my mother will say Let it go, don’t hold it too tight to your heart, if not ,you might crush your heart trying to crush whatever ill feelings you feel. This is a direct translation from my dialect.

So what did I do? I said a word of prayer asking God to take away whatever ill feelings I still have left and I choose to forget about it sincerely this time . This gave me peace , a type of peace that comes with a feeling of deliverance .

Dear reader, this might be difficult but whatever it is you are holding on to . Let it go, Forgive, Forget and you will feel a sense of contentment and relief .

See it as burning sage in your home but this time the home is your soul and the sage is forgiving and forgetting 🦋.

See you at my next post 💜🦋.

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