Gator strips

Alligator 🐊 meat is somewhat not available in the region I live in Nigeria.

It has to be sent from my state of origin and it is classified under what we know in Nigeria as BUSH MEAT.

Because of this fact , it doesn’t come in fresh but dried .

My knowledge on how it is dried is limited , all I know is, it’s smoked with fire and dried somehow! 👀

Nutritional benefits of gator meat.

It’s is a great replacement for red meat.

High in protein

Free from cholesterol

Low saturated fat

Rich in potassium, Iron, and vitamins B12.

PS. Wild alligators are not safe to eat, as they contain trace elements of mercury .

I forgot to take a full picture before breaking it into bits 🥲

So therefore, you can use this meat to make everything according to your taste:

  • Soups
  • Rice
  • Stews
  • Gator strips
  • Anything you want

For Gator strips .

You will need;

Alligator meat

Pepper 🌶

Scent leaves 🍃


Onions 🧅

Maggi and salt 🧂


(You can add other spices you fancy).


Wash meat properly ( soak meat in water for like 30mins before washing to soften)

Add in a pot with all other ingredients and boil

This is where it gets personal. You boil it until you are satisfied. If you want it very juicy allow most of its broth to dry.

If you want it saucy do not allow it’s broth to dry completely .

I allowed this to dry completely.

Enjoy ✨

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