Many a times , oh wait .. hello, I hope you are doing well today..

Ok, back to typing .. Many a times the person(s) close to us will hurt us .

And when this happens it’s more heartbreaking compared to that of a distant fellow because expectations are high ..

Maybe it’s because you expected so much.

But then again, sometimes we are blinded by this hurt (which might be a big one or a small one ) that we forget all about the GOOD, this person has done .

So reader, when your friend, sister, spouse,brother,bestie,etc . Hurt you in any way, ask yourself if all the anger and energy you channel in is worth it ..

Ask yourself if it was a mistake.

Do not take repeated patterns lightly (any action repeated overtime is not a mistake ) .

And do not allow yourself to be gaslighted when certain things happen . If you feel hurt then you are hurt.

If it affects your mental health, a person I know will say press DELETE. Remove yourself from such situations, relationships or “situationship”

And as I watch in movies, they say temper justice with mercy lol 🙈…

Do not forget the good a person has done for you because of a wrong 😊…

Hello, have a nice day ..shirt from my friend , pants from my sister and cardigan from a thrift store..

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