Make you dey observe

TRANSLATION: Observe every details Take everything as a sign.

Before I start, enjoy a cup of tea.

So, a good evening to you. Growing up Nigerian, we were taught to see everything as a sign. A child sweeping the house is translated to an unexpected guest will visit today. Itchy feet implies someone somewhere is gossiping about you. Itchy palms means money is about to come your way. And lots more.

Drop some other of these sign you know or might have heard of in the comments below.

But this is not the observation I want us to focus on to today.

Many relationships go south today because many of us don’t notice red flags or choose to ignore them. We blame everything and everyone except ourselves when things go wrong because we do not observe our mistakes and short comings. Repeated events occur and we ask WHY ME? Because we have failed to observe the pattern as to why these things happen.

The best thing you can do is to observe your situation, observe people, observe patterns. You should not always be carried away dear reader, sometimes make you just sit down dey observe.

By observation you can find solutions, avoid problems, understand people close to you and have long lasting relationships.

So sit. sip some tea, get yourself some snacks biscuit ,cake or cookies like me and observe.

Have a great evening or a good day.

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