Water falls, are one the most beautiful phenomena of nature! 
I was opportune to visit one.  It’s called Erin Ijesha water fall located at Erin Ijesha Osun state Nigeria. It is said that it was discovered by one of the daughters of oduduwa in 1140 AD. 

One of the most common advise you will get whenever you announce to anyone that you are about to go for your service year is : Enjoy yourself , explore . If only it was that easy , anyways come with us to Erin Ijesha ( this is going to be a pictorial) 

The first step to any trip is for the plans to come to life and not die on WhatsApp ! If you know you know . So we meet up at the park and got a bus going to akure . It cost 3500 naira per person from Ibadan to Akure , after settling down in the bus  I had to get my daily dose of caffeine 

So our journey began and like every true commercial bus we stopped by the petrol station to get fuel for the bus . It is common knowledge that if you enter any bus in Nigeria and they don’t stop by the filling station during the course of your journey , you have entered one chance and it’s safe to believe you might have been kidnapped . Lols 

It was approximately a 2 hours journey and the driver dropped us at a junction leading to  the water fall. We alighted the bus and bid the other passengers farewell as they progressed to akure. There are bike men waiting at the junction to take tourist to the waterfall as it is a common tourist attraction. It cost us 400 naira each to get to the waterfall . 

The waterfall is said to be seven levels and it cost 1000 naira to enter its gates. The first to fifth levels  are accessible to tourist , it is said the seventh is not open to tourist. And so we began the climb , safe to say my lungs and muscles could only take me to the fourth level .

We were welcomed by a group of local entertainers , and we danced to the beating of their drums . The climb to the first and second level wasn’t so challenging, tho the staircase to the second level looked intimidating .. It was a beautiful sight

My crocs and I have been on quite an adventure in this service year ✨

The climb to the fourth and fifth level is not for the week. I almost gave up . 
Had to rehydrated to make it to the fourth level after which I gave up .

For anyone up for an adventure, Erin Ijesha should be on your list of places to visit ! 
A budget of ten thousand naira will cover for your transportation and entry fee. There are also tour guides who can take you up the waterfall but we opted to enjoy the experience on our own. 
The next few days were painful as our bodies were sore from the climb ..

Would you like to visit the waterfalls of Ijesha? 
How much did I spend in total to get into the waterfall? 
Answer in the comment section below and win a prize.

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