Olumo Rock Visit

Olumo rock, is a massive granite rock located in Abeokuta, Ogun state Nigeria .

It was used as a fortress by the Egba people in the 19th century . It was a vantage point to the locals and helped them win the war. 

We left for Abeokuta via the   first train of the day from Ibadan and I must say the railway service was impressive, our train was on time . It takes 40minutes from omi adio station in Ibadan to Professor Wole Soyinka station in Abeokuta at a cost of 2000naira for regular seats . 

We arrived the olumo rock by taking a motorcycle from the station at the cost of a thousand naira , if you are on a budget this is the best. If you aren’t you can get a taxi to take you . 

A gate fee of 1100naira was paid at the entrance of which I think is fair . We have to support tourism in our own country people ❤️🇳🇬.

The complex contains the rock itself , a few art galleries , a restaurant, event center,  playground and a parking space. 

The art galleries have great art works and cultural crafts on display which are also for sale.


The climb to the top of the rock  is about an hour, there are stairs for those who can’t climb or aren’t up for the challenge . 
With the help of a tour guide we were opportune to step into the hide out of the Egba people. We passed through the channels in between the rocks to reach the top of the rock where a breathtaking view of the city can be seen . 

In the rock, evidence that people lived in it remains . Milling stones in the rock, rooms built in amongst others. 
It is an experience that reminds us that there is always a way .
For the Egba people to have survived in the olumo rock , there is always a way . 


Thank you for reading , see you at the next post .

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