Oreo Cream dessert 🍨

I prefer to call this a cream dessert but it is also called “homemade ice cream by others”.

This is a simple three ingredient dessert 🍨

You will need 😌

🦋 Whipped cream

🦋Condense milk or heavy cream

🦋Oreo biscuit or flavor of your choice

🦋 Sugar (optional)

🦋 A container to freeze it in

To make 🌝

1.In a clean bowl whip your cream..

2. Add in condensed milk or heavy cream and stir. I prefer to stir at this point with a spatula instead of a mixer so the texture doesn’t change

3. Add in smashed Oreos or flavor of your choice (you can add in chocolate chips , bits of fruits etc).

4.Freeze for about 4-5hours. I store mine in these little cute glass jar i recycled. They were originally holding scented candles and I thought why throw them away when I can repurpose them .

5. Enjoy 😊.

Remember to Resuse, Reduce and Recycle ♻️. Make the world a better place .

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