Based on true life events …..

This is a scene we have seen one too many times .

A young man dating a lady and his friends, bros, or clique and sometimes his family calls her our wife giving her the false impression that he would one day marry her, knowing fully well the chances of that happening is equal to it snowing in Nigeria.


Some of these stories we read online and ask ourselves why ? How? some we have seen with our own eyes … The most taunting part of all these is that certain times the said lady doesn’t know until her “husband to be” becomes a groom and you guessed right! She is not the bride.

It happens like this ;

A young man, introduces a lady to his group , his family and the entire “world” . So she gets comfortable. She settles into her new role as an unofficial fiancée and would be made an official one as time goes on . Some go as far as blending into wife duties. , Such as doing his laundry ,running errands for his mother , cooking for him and his homies …Wait , the point of this post are the HOMIES…. (his friends)

These people…are the key players in this game . They make her feel like there aren’t other women, they eat the food she prepares, sweet talk her , help her in whatever area she needs help in and give her the respect befitting for a bride .

Now, the heartbreaking part.

I can’t say if they feel guilty or regret such actions but that’s not our business for today . The lady most times find out online from the internet that her said husband to be is getting married or has gotten married ..

Putting two and two together she realized that she has been scammed .

This results in two things ;

✨The lady is heartbroken but decides to move on with her life.

✨The lady is heartbroken and decides to take vengeance.

✨The lady is also a player and marries her backup man she can’t be stressed and any attempt to do that will be destroyed .

What inspired this post ?

The story of a young lady who put her all into a man she loved, invested and threw surprise parties for him celebrating his wins. A typical Nigerian will say “she carry him matter for head” . Only for him to return after the holidays from his village with a wife . His friends all knew that he was getting married in December .

My questions

To the friends in such positions, do you feel guilt or pained at such situations?

Is this a code or are you oblige to behave so in such cases ?

If you have an idea that a lady or man is been scammed in a relationship (they are getting married soon ) would you let the party affect know ?

Send your answers in the email address at the contact or share this questions with your friends to have a fun filled conversation.


Any clique that exaggerate the wifely respect they accord to you … be suspicious .

Do not blame yourself or feel shamed in such situations. You are the victim , your heart was broken and it’s not your fault .

all memes are sourced from Google

Be kind to people going through such heartbreaks , it’s not time for you to remind them of how far they went to please whoever they were with .

Drink water, stay hydrated and maintain beauty .

Be close to God, I do believe he can expose whatever is hidden when you ask Him for help.

Be open to advice.

It’s never the end of the world , someone deserving of you will come . Do not give up on love 💕.

Stay kind ✨

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