Hi guys, I hope you are all doing fine.

How many of you are getting into the festive spirit? Lols I ain’t there yet sha 🙃..

I made a new friend , yaay .. is it disturbing that I connect with children more ? Either way I love children 🦋💕..

My new friend Phoebe , a nine year old had a science project and I was privileged to watch and witness it .

Her science project was on plant requirements to grow . Which involved planting bean seeds in different soil textures and mediums .

From the left we the

Corn planted in soil and watered regularly.

bean planted in water ,

bean planted in soil with kerosene added

Bean planted in soil with 5cm water

Bean with its skin peeled planted

Beans planted in soil no water added

Bean planted with a lot of water

Then beans planted and watered every other day .

Then the waiting game began.

Only two sprouted .

The first to germinate was the corn that was watered regularly. Don’t get confused 😀,

Phoebe’s teacher I think is trying to make a point here . You cannot plant corn and expect beans to germinate .

Relating it with “adulting”

You cannot plant corn and expect beans to grow

You reap what you sow . Whatever you want plant it , water it , work for it ,wait for it , believe and watch it germinate.

The second was beans planted in soil and watered every other day

It sprouted but took a bit longer to as it didn’t get enough water as the corn.

Relating this to “adulting”

Everyone has their own circumstances/factors surrounding the outcome of events . Be in competition with nobody. Because you haven’t “sprouted” yet doesn’t mean you wouldn’t. Do not compare yourself to others because they might have a steady water source and you don’t . That doesn’t make you less of a person. Worry over such things might only slow you down . In all this life is an intertwined personal race.

When it’s your turn it will happen


In conclusion

If you not root/plant yourself in the right medium you will not grow .

Stay positive and moderate .

Certain circumstances are comfortable and it’s ok if you are satisfied with it but to grow you must break out of your old self just like the bean .

Certain mediums look like what we need , just the way kerosene looks like water but it’s poisonous to us. Stay away from such .

Let your Soul,Mental health, Growth process, etc not be poisoned by such things .

Be careful out there folks .

Stay bless,

Be kind .

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