Before I start , I want you to calm down and follow this post. It’s not a sad story but a story that ends with a full belly.

You know this popular quote ;

You reap what you sow

Well, having it’s origin from the book of Galatians in the Bible it illustrates how as humans you get what you put in. You put in bad? It comes back to you. You put in good and good comes back to you , but that’s not what I am saying today ..

Today I want to gist you of how I reaped what I didn’t sow.

It all starts with a moringa plant.

Took a picture after the harvest.

The moringa oleifera plant has its own loads of health benefits and uses to man. It is said to be rich in antioxidants, lower cholesterol, reduce inflammation amongst others.

This story begins with my mother harvesting a few of its leaves and picking it apart from its stems.

The enamel plates remains a staple in African homes.

I washed it and cooked it on low heat.

Emphasis on low heat. I let it cook on low heat for about 3hours.

After which I strained it , rinsed in cold water to set it free from its bitter taste and cooked again for five minutes so it gets warm. You don’t have to throw this water away. Many African aunties/uncles swear by it . This bitter residue is said to be medicinal.

On the side, you dice your onions, prepare you groundnut cake (quli quli)powder or peanut butter , salt and pepper .

Combine everything in a bowl..
And enjoy….

I know you are a bit confused. Let me explain.

We never planted a moringa plant in our compound. That tree somehow just showed up.

I have a few theories on how it came to be tho, maybe it was the wind that blew its seeds into our compound and it grew .

Maybe it was some bird or pest that dropped its seeds there.

We never tended to that tree, it somehow thrives on its own and yea… we make zogale salad every now and then.

So that’s how I am reaping from what i didn’t sow…

Would you try this recipe ?

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