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Eating out for some is a regular everyday thing, while for others it is something they do occasionally. Which ever of these categories you fall into there is one things in common, we all go to a restaurant or an eatery.

Going to these places to eat means you will be meeting other people there as well as the staffs who work there . Here are some simple restaurant etiquette you should always remember and adhere to.

🦋Dress accordingly : You know the popular saying “Dress how you want to be addressed”. It applies here. If you are going to a fancy restaurant you dress fancy. If it’s a family restaurant, the type people go to with children you dress decent. Keep it PG 😉.

🦋 Be Respectful: Be respectful to the staffs and others dinning or eating at the restaurant.How do I do that you may ask.

1. By greeting the door man or the waiter. They are people too you know . Do not treat the waiter like a servant .

2. By obeying the rules of the restaurant. Example , Some restaurants do not permit public display of affection between couples , others request you not shout or raise your voice as it disturbs the ambiance of the place .

3. When you want to make an order or request for something or a service try to make eye contact first with the waiter and signal them politely instead of shouting or screaming out waiter . Because I don’t know about you but for me I think i rather not be rude to the person handling my food . You know 🤷🏽‍♀️.

4. You do not have to eat like savages and splatter or scatter food all around the table . I know it’s their job to clear and clean the table after you are gone but eating neatly and not turning the table into a dump site won’t cost you anything.

🦋If you do not like the food or service provided request to see the manger politely or leave .

🦋Compliment the food and service if you are satisfied with it .

🦋 You can tip the staffs if it’s allowed in the restaurant.

🦋Do not steal from the restaurant . Yes those extra sachets of sugar or ketchup you put in your bag . Not classy . Stop doing that .

🦋 Wait for your food patiently and if it delays calls the waiters attention to it politely . I know a hungry man is an angry man but always try to remain calm .

🦋Do not rearrange the restaurant sitting arrangements. If you want an extra chair or table you request it be done by one of the staffs

La taste restaurant Khartoum sudan

Above all only go to a place you can afford , Enjoy and be comfortable.

Sometimes it’s not the place but the person or people you are with .

La taste restaurant is a small restaurant at Riyadh Khartoum sudan, with an indoor and outdoor setting . I love the natural setting outside , the use of real flowers for its center pieces and the shade provided by a big tree 🌳. I am not one to “eat out” but I do enjoy coffee, tea and confectioneries . If you are in Khartoum I would suggest you visit this place. The price is fair and the food is nice .I give it an 8/10 .

Always remember to spread kindness ✨.

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