Photo credit : that_Idoma_geh

I fell in love with this place

First it was scary but a beautiful sight to behold

For long she was close to me but I noticed her not

For her gentle waves and quiet morning breeze instills inner peace

Peace not as the world giveth

But peace as the Lord giveth through her

For days I listen to her waves and the air as they make their way from Ethiopia to Egypt

She whispers breathe

As I watch her ripple expands

It was a place to think of nothing and just relax as I sit on her beach .

I enjoyed watching her as the weird coffee lady enjoyed watching me watch her

I feel her ripples as they flow past my legs

Most paths she passes through I have visited

For she has seen the many parts of me

For they say if you drink from her once you will surely come back one day

Old wives tale maybe

But I have drank from her

Washed from her

Praise be the Lord for his infinite mercy and grace

I was baptized in her .

I will miss you River Nile

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