Hi guys , today I visited a snake farm.. hisssssss 🐍 . It’s totally safe don’t freak out 🙃

Gate feee is 300 naira .

They have quite a number of exotic animals presents but the highlights of this place are the snakes . Let me show you some of the friends i made

Let’s go.. I find moving around with a school bag more practical and easy ..

The ostriches 🪶

The ostrich.. two were very friendly and expected snacks . The third was quite shy .
Ostrich feathers are harvested and used for cleaning or decoration.
Ostrich are large flightless land birds and they have three stomachs!
The shy one 😊.

The Putty nosed monkey 🐒

I couldn’t get their attention as they found a dancing visitor more entertaining 🙄..
I don’t blame them. She had great dance steps 😀.

Porcupines 🦔

Porcupines are just giants hedgehogs to me . This prickle favorite foods are cucumber , yam and cassava .

If you come across a porcupine do not attack or go close to it . Their quills contain barbs you can’t see with the naked eye. And if you get stabbed with one . Go see a doctor do not remove them yourself .

The one by the corner is the only male porcupine in this prickle (prickle is what you call a group of porcupines). Guess he let the ladies rest 😂..


The antelopes were pretty snobby, not so excited to meet the visitors unlike the ostriches and monkeys .

The Tortoise 🐢

This tortoise is 128 years old born in maiduguri Nigeria .He loves to eat grasses and just rest. He’s living the dream .

Here is mama and papa Tortoise 🐢 🐢 . They welcomed a baby tortoise recently

Papa Tortoise 150years old and Mama Tortoise is 100years old .
Cute baby tortoise 🐢

The snakes 🐍

Don’t worry , it’s safe . They are placed in concrete , well closed cages with experienced staff around to handle accidents .

For a small fee (1000naira about $2)you can hold and take pictures with a selected group of snakes (they are none poisonous snakes with no fangs). But that can never be me .. haq haq haq…

Royal Python 🐍
Viper 🐍
When ever you visit a zoo, farm, animal sanctuary . Do not tap on the glass .

The Gazelle

This reminds me of gazelle from zootopia

Photo Dump ✨✨🦋

There are also monkeys and a gorilla amongst other animals at the farm .
Monkey enjoying a candy 🍬 from a visitor.I do not feed the animals because I do not know what is healthy or unhealthy for them
A random hen 🐓
There is a restaurant where you can eat, have a drink and watch tv .mostly people come here during the weekend to watch football games
This is an animal friendly environment as they allow the animals roam around the selected section.
Remember people. Life is not as difficult as we think it is.Whatever it is you are struggling with. Take a break . Relax , Refresh and try again .

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