An odd thing happened today, a call came in at 6:16am. Hello , I said, help please! a voice replied peaches (not a real name ) is in trouble .

What trouble I asked, well it’s complicated the voice replied, peaches is sweating and seems to not be breathing .

I never envisioned the first call I did receive for medical assistance would be like this. I always fantasized it would be an emergency at the hospital whereby I shout orders and perform CPR movie style . Don’t look at me like that ; a girl is allowed to dream.

I was called this morning because peaches (we are using this name to keep the person anonymous). Overdosed on “ICE”

What do you expect or want me to do I asked the voice on the other side of the phone , call an ambulance or go to the hospital. You know we can’t go the voice replied and you are a doctor ain’t you ?

I felt irritated at that moment and I answered ; I am a fresh graduate don’t pressure me, but I am coming .

Without showering, I set out to meet them my stethoscope, sphygmomanometer,thermometer and pen torch in my bag.

As I approached their address, I saw a whittled flower which was still very much attached to its roots.

As a person that dissects events (some call it overthinking), I wondered why people do drugs.

Are they helpless?

Are they trying to run away from life hardship

Peer pressure?

Thoughts flooded my mind . As I set my eyes on peaches my heart felt a new kind of pain.

I have witnessed people on drugs but it was the funny type in which they get “high” and do silly things .

But today, peaches was sweating ,angry and screaming for more . Not realizing the ice is finished so, peaches tried to inject water in place of ICE. Everything was ICE to peaches at that moment and peaches got upset when it wasn’t .

I prayed to God for help because I definitely had no idea what to do and I had no idea why they would choose to call me.

The first rule in a medical emergency was to call for help which was obviously not an option , so I went for rehydration and supportive options .

I was able to calm peaches down, which was like calming a child having tantrums, gave peaches water to drink, peaches calmed down after about 4 hours! I took the Blood pressure, pulse, temperature (all above normal values ) and inspected the pupils which were dilated .

All this peaches allowed me to do , only if I allowed the syringe remain in em’ hands . I was scared at this point because I thought what if peaches stabs me with this syringe? Lols not funny but thank God there was no stabbing.

I was able to convince peaches friends with the vitals results (Blood pressure, pulse rate , temperature) to at-least call or inform the parent of what was happening and by the time peaches was delivered home to the waiting parent I was relieved and heartbroken.

No parent deserve to see their child in that state.

Please and Please;

Avoid bad friends if you give in to peer pressure

Drugs are never a good treatment or therapy option.

If you have an addiction problem, get help.

If you are a supplier or sales person of these harmful substances in the community REPENT.

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