The Small thief…

Some months back , I had a transit stop in Egypt and lodged at the Le meridien ..(not so sure about the spelling ) .

At the breakfast banquet, you could eat outside or inside . To enjoy the view I decided to eat outside .

Eating outside came with its adventure as I made a little friend , a tiny thieving friend 😂..


I do not know what type of bird that was or it’s gender .

But it stole my bread😅.. One moment I was looking away and the next my bread was gone from the plate .

Sometimes I remember this bird and ask myself what was it thinking? The bread was almost same size as it but that didn’t stop the bird anyways.

I was sitting right there but that didn’t stop the bird too .

Other times I think about it from many different angles , some I would list below

✨Take your chance , you might succeed on whatever mission or thing you want . Do not be afraid of the surrounding circumstances.

🦋Guard your “territory” well, because you never know who wants what you have . The moment you slip it’s gone . As a Christian this is most practical. The enemy (the devil) is always lurking , NEVER LOOSE GUARD.

✨Do not be scared by the magnitude of things but also know your strength. Where I come from 🇳🇬 they say :

No go dey do

Pass yourself.

Meaning , do not do what your strength can’t handle .

It was fun watching it try to get away with my bread ✨✨…

I hope you find the video entertaining and it brings a smile to your face .

Do not forget to share with others .

Kizzez 🦋✨✨..

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