What’s your excuse for Negligence?

failure to take proper care over something.

Taking proper care of things is what is expected of a responsible person.

A few days ago I saw my neighbor’s plant, and felt disappointed at the sight of it because they were dying . When I asked why proper care is not been given to the plant, the reply was, I am not a plant person and I keep them so I can use it on my hair.

That is not a solid or good enough reason I thought to myself.

We should always make sure to take care of things that need taking care of. Be it your mental health, physical well being, your child, children, education, Plants, Pets, e.t.c.

When you fail to take proper care that makes you negligent, which may result in sour or sad circumstances like a dead plant.

What is the reason for your negligence?

  • Are you putting the needs of others first at your own expense?
  • Are you too busy?
  • Low self esteem?
  • Fear of success?
  • The I am not just feeling it mindset
  • History of abuse?

These are a few reason I have personally heard from individuals as to why they neglect certain things in their lives.

I want you to know that no matter what your reasons (excuses) are, you can find a way around or out of them and take responsibility, leading to a beautiful, healthy and blooming life.

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