Call etiquettes📞 ☎️ 📱

It’s quiet not surprising to notice that a lot of individuals do not know or refuse to learn simple etiquette related to phone calls.

Here are a few below .

1 The Max time you are advised to dial a number is twice , unless it’s an emergency. If it’s not leave a message behind or a voice note stating why you called.

2 It is wrong to put your caller on speaker without their permission or notifying them first .(i.e, wait hold on, I will put you on speaker right now because I am quite busy with my hands , is that ok ?)

3 It is wrong to record phone calls with out permission. (Except when necessary , like obtaining evidence and not petty reasons )

4 When you call a person for the first time , introduce yourself first . Do not wait for them to ask .(i.e this is Dr Pawpaw calling from orange or this is Beauty , we meet at the party yesterday)

5 Do not be rude to a first time caller . You never know who is on the phone. This is a bit tricky as we get calls from companies advertising products we are not interested in or scammers looking for their days catch 😃. A simple No on the phone would do or you reject and block the contact .

6 Do not speak loudly in a public space .

7 Use earphones when walking , it’s safer .

8 You can always ask your caller to call you back when you are busy as been absent minded and asking them to repeat certain things is a bit rude.

9 Before saying sensitive words over the phone ask who you are calling if the environment is conducive for such exchange

10 Do not hide your phone numbers when calling others unless you are a secret agent or something like that lols

11 Know the schedule of your contacts . So as to call at appropriate times Would your contact be asleep by 9pm? Then it would be rude to call after 9pm.

12 When in an argument with someone over the phone do not hang up without notice . You can end it with, I do not want to continue this conversation or we have come to the end of this conversation

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