Let’s make masala chai

Masala Chai originating from India is a tea beverage made by boiling black tea , milk and aromatic spices and herb.

This is perfect for the winter season as it’s has a soothing taste,scent and enjoyed hot or warm.

Personally, I have doing a lot more of tea lately to prove to concerned family and friends that I am not a coffee addict.

So let’s make some chai, wear a pair cozy socks and enjoy it with a book 📖..

To make these you will need..

1.Spices (Ginger,black pepper, nutmeg, cloves,cinnamon, Selim pepper, and cardamom)

2.Fresh milk ( Always make sure to buy well pasteurized milk as certain diseases can be contracted from unpasteurized milk.)

3.Black tea

4.Water and sugar to taste.


~A Little encouragement ~…🌸

Ok Moving along……

First bring water and spices to boil. Boiling herbs and spices first enhances the its aroma and taste.

Add in milk , and black tea

Bring to boil .


Sweeten with (sugar or honey )


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