Shopping makes me so excited… yaay!

So whenever I hear of a bazaar or a sales going on I lift myself up in the glory of the Lord and try to go see what I can find there.. This makes me miss my mum more. We love going to trade fairs together ..

Anyways your girl have been down with the flu and an annoying sore throat but that didn’t stop me from attending the thrift store’s first pop up sale..

Location:Khartoum sudan 🇸🇩

The thrift store is an online store on Instagram that I have been following for a while now.

To make sure others are safe I maintained safe distance.. talk about social distancing (pun intended) 🙃

. And when I got to the location of her first pop up sale, I was not disappointed..

The entrance..

As this was her first pop up it was quiet small but rich in content.. Prices of products ranging from $10-$100. There cheaper items as I will show you later .. so let me show you what I found..

Shoes.. 👠

Prices of shoes ranged from $6-$100. They were in excellent condition and most are branded aka designers ..😉

Event gowns 👗

Event gowns (wedding guest gowns, bride maids dresses, graduation gown etc). Are available ranging from $25-$200.

Casual gowns &wears 👗👚

This was the best part for me . Jumpsuits, camisole gowns, kimonos, mini gowns, evening dresses etc were available ranging from $8-$75 I think .. not so sure anymore lols..

P.S. you do not have to pay in dollars . This prices are only set in dollars so as to maintain the prices as the local currency rise or fall. So to say payment in Sudanese pounds is accepted. You just have to do a little maths on the conversion.

Random shadow selfie hehe

The owner of this wonderful store is an environmental conscious person so she packages her products in fabrics instead of plastic bags.

If you would love to visit this pop up sale do not worry it’s not too late .. There would be another next week Saturday for more details follow her on Instagram @

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See you soon 🦋❤️..

stay safe ❤️

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