Everyone has a definition or what they know self care to be . But let’s focus on physical self care.

In simple words, it’s taking care of your body and physic appearance.

The routine daily showers or baths, oral hygiene, washing your clothes and undergarments e.t.c.

As a Nigerian it’s normal to bath or shower everyday. It’s something we do religiously.

But the topic of oral hygiene is debatable as many people brush their teeth once a day instead of the advised before and after bed , and many have never been to the dentist for routine checkups and clean up. As they believe you only see a dentist when you have dental issues .

✨Personally, the most part of my physical self care involves pedicure, lip care and occasionally skin care.

You will always see me with lip gloss, vaseline or lip balm.. I can never be caught with dry lips 😌..

For the other two I have been slacking , for reasons unknown to me myself. So today I decided to make a change by going through my old routines and making a new one .

I had to get new products to replace the ones that finished and to be honest I almost change my mind because it was quite expensive.

Would share all the products I use soon.

Got myself some yoghurts also because wellness begins from the inside 😉.

As I try to start these self care routines again, I want to remind/tell you. Self care doesn’t have to be expensive. Expensive products or brands doesn’t necessarily mean it would work 100% for you . The little things also count.

🦋🦋🦋 start small

Brush twice daily .

Wash your face before bed.

Always take off your makeup .

Invest in a facial kit,brush or sponge as these help deep clean the skin.


Soak your feet in warm water as you watch a movie

Exfoliate the soles of your feet, apply vaseline , put some socks on before going to bed. This keeps your feet soft and moisturized.

Exfoliate your body , scrub , shave were necessary.

Wash your clothes, iron them.

Smell nice . You do not have to spray perfume just don’t go around smelling pungent . It disrupts your aura .

Wash your hair , deep condition and take care of it .

Remember , the small things matter. 🦋

Self care is also self love 🦋

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