March 24 2015, the Germanwing flight 9525 carrying 150 people, 144 passengers and 6 crew members was scheduled to land at Düsseldurf airport in Germany.

The low cost carrier, owned by German airline Lufthansa , took off from Barcelona Elprat airport in Spain but never got to its scheduled destination. This was the first plane crash in the 18year history of German airline.

The story goes thus;


Everything in the post are sourced from research made from local new papers and other websites who also sourced theirs from information acquired from the planes black box.

Ok. So on the 24th of March 2015 , which was a Wednesday the Germanwing flight 9525 took off heading for Germany and enroute to its destination the Captain had to answer the call of nature (he had to poop). Leaving the plane in the hands at of his copilot 28years old Andreas Lubitz.

For you see, Andreas Lubitz, was previously treated for suicidal tendencies and was deemed unfit to work. But he hid this information from his employers at the time .

As Andreas was left alone in the cockpit of the plane. He locked the door ,disengaged the plane from autopilot and engaged a descent ignoring questions and transmissions from traffic air control.

You can imagine the horror of the passengers and other crew members .

Hmm! It was said that Andreas ignored the banging ,knocks and pleas at the door of the cocktail which he had locked . It is also said the captain tried to break through the door with the airplane emergency axe. The cockpit door couldn’t be broken due to the 9/11 events. For after the 9/11 event cockpit doors were made so as not to allow intrusion.

The plane was said to descend until it hit a mountain causing it to crash . There were no survivors.

The sound of Andreas calm breathing in the recorded event showed he was in no distressed and understood fully well what was happening..

On investigation it was found that Andreas had poisoned the captains coffee with laxatives prior to the flight .

It was by this action Andreas Lubitz committed suicide and murder at the same time .

The big questions..

1. What do you think about this story ?

2. Who do you think is at fault here ? Andreas or , the employers for not investigating its staff intensely?

3. Do you think it’s fate ?

Because of this unfortunate event it’s now a rule that at all times there must be at least two people in a cockpit so you do not have to worry.

May the souls of those lost in this tragic event continue to Rest In Peace .

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