Pregnancy, yes lets start there. Pregnancy occurs when a sperm fertilizes an egg after it is released, then it moves to the uterus and a successful implantation of this fertilized egg in the uterus results in pregnancy.

So a woman, at this point lets call her a mother, carries this fertilized egg which becomes a baby for forty weeks (40 weeks). Lets not forget the fact that she might be carrying more than one (twins, triplets or more).

She goes through all the hurdles of pregnancy which involves morning sickness, urinary stress incontinence(leaking urine), heart burn, constipation, swollen legs, gestational diabetes, hormone interactions which causes changes to her body. The list goes on and on.

The end of every healthy pregnancy is delivery. And every mother is expected to be delivered the traditional way through the Vagina. But you know how life is, not everything work out as planned and some mothers need to be delivered through surgery (cesarean section) due to certain reasons.

Reasons could be due to the mother’s condition or that of the baby. And this is what certain individuals have a problem with. They think or believe mothers who deliver through Cesarean section are not worthy to be called mothers, as they do not know the pain of labor and the children delivered by cesarean section are not real babies as they do not pass through the vaginal canal. The first time I heard about this was early this year and best believe I thought it was a joke but this is a serious talk.

Speaking with an Obstetric resident doctor on this matter he told me certain individuals see these mothers as lazy and not strong enough. Still curious I made a little survey by sending out questionnaires.


Disclaimer; This report is analyzed from questionnaires answered by willing participants and not a professional research.

With 36% male and 65% female

Most of them between the age of 15-25years

95% knowing what cesarean section is

92% know someone who delivered by CS

2% say cesarean section is against their faith/beliefs (religion)

21% think mothers who delivered by vagina are better than those who delivered through CS

18% think mothers who deliver through CS are not qualified to say they went through childbirth

41% believe CS is easier

77% said they will refuse a CS if they get a choice

And 13% responded that they have been degraded because they had CS.

My conclusion from this?

The degrading of mothers who deliver through cesarean section might not be a “thing” in the world yet as much light is not shed on this issue.

Mothers who deliver through CS are same as those who deliver vaginally. They carried their babies same way and felt what any mother who deliver vaginally will feel. Their babies are real babies even if they didn’t pass through the vaginal canal.

Shaming or degrading mothers who deliver through cesarean section should not be encouraged as this will increase the chances of developing Post Partum Depression, which is a real thing. They carry the scar of this procedure on them and they deserve respect and love.

If you are a mother who delivered through CS, idomageh blogs is here to tell you today that you do not have to be ashamed or feel guilty. You brought a child to this world. You Rock!

If you do not have anything nice to say to a mother who delivered through cesarean section. Instead of saying things like so technically you didn’t give birth, you had it easy , can I see your scar, or some other rude comment, I advise you say nothing.

Spread kindness.

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