Happy new month and a Merry Christmas in advance.

Hello everyone, it’s been a while . 
 I have been quite busy and about, I hope you are all doing great. 

A big congratulations to you for making it thus far this year! It hasn’t been easy we all have our stories to tell and I just want to remind you that you are doing great. Take your time , appreciate your efforts and celebrate life . 
To those waiting on good reports don’t give up. You got this! 
This is a post to check up on every one, and once again I apologize for “ghosting” you all. 
I will do better . 
I remain your baby girl… that_Idoma_geh .

Latest gist is that I have been serving my country for a few months now and I will give you the complete gist when I am settled .

Bye, have a great weekend people.

season greetings 🦋✨✨.. 

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