Ah, the bathroom a place were some of the brightest ideas are born, top score of games reached , a comfort zone for some and a relaxing area for others.

Most of us at some point in our lives have had to share the bathroom with others, either in our living space, school, work place or the (a)public bathroom in general.

And, at some point have witnessed, seen, smelt or experienced certain things we rather forget .

So today I would be sharing bathroom etiquette that would help you and others make bathroom experiences less horrendous.

🦋. First of all, be polite . No matter how pressed you are, always knock on the door.Make sure it’s empty as you wouldn’t want to witness another person doing their business and this will help you avoid awkward situations. If you feel the bathrooms door is too dirty to touch, you can just ask “is anyone in there”.

🦋.Lock the bathroom door, while you are inside .

🦋. If you share the bathroom with others do not over stay inside as others might be in need of using it (maybe during the morning as you prepare for the day )

🦋. Be patient as you wait for the person inside to finish. Do not over knock or make a fuss.

🦋.Always make sure there is water before doing your business. No one wants to come witness or see your “sprinkles 💩” . If there is no water please look for another alternative.


🦋.Do not pee on the toilet sit . If you did Rinse it with water .

🦋.Don’t be a peeping Tom .

🦋. Control your poop, sounds funny but it’s not nice to splatter poop all over the toilet bowl. It’s disgusting. I know ,sometimes you can have explosive diarrhea and can’t help it . Wash the bowl after this with a toilet brush . Allowing others to See streaks of your poop is not nice .

🦋. Open the windows when you are done using the bathroom. Yes it’s natural for the smell of the bathroom to change after use but do not allow others bask in the glory of your doings. Open the window , turn on the ventilator if available, spray some air fresher or perfume if available and warn others to wait before going in after you.

🦋. Always dry the floor after use . This is a life saving practice especially for bathrooms floored with tiles. Wet tiled floor is a health hazard as anyone could slip and fall leading to fatal consequences. So have a bathroom mop or rag that you will use to dry the floor .

🦋.Do not bend over the bowl . You might think you are protecting yourself by bending over the water closet but this is a dangerous maneuver as the seat can break and you are left with lethal injuries, you touch a lot of surface to climb the bowl so your concept of avoiding germs is countered. You could just stand over the bowl if you don’t want to sit on it .

🦋. Do not flush toilet paper , tampons, diapers, and/or pads down the toilet .

🦋. After shaving or washing your hair, do sweep the hair from the floor , bath tub, shower or sink .

🦋. Dispose waste properly. Waste like soap wrappers,empty shampoo bottles, used shaving sticks, empty toothpaste tubes , used menstrual pads, etc. Do not leave them laying around in the bathroom.

🦋Do vomit in the sink , do it in the toilet seat and do flush after .

🦋. Raines off soap leather from the wall, shower and tub when you finish bathing .

🦋.Do not air dry your hands in front of the mirror. If you do clean the tiny splashes off it.

🦋Always wash your hand after using the bathroom, regardless of what you went inside to do.

Hopefully these simple do and don’ts will help us improve our bathroom experience and that of others .

Drew a perfect eyeliner today so I am posting it everywhere 😌.

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