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Triggers .

trigger /tr阞氶/, noun Cause an event or situation to happen or exist . Hello, How you doing ? I hope you are well! Its the last month of the year 2021 and as the year is coming to an end , I wish you a happy new year in advance. Today I will be… Continue reading Triggers .

Life talks

Phoebes science project

Hi guys, I hope you are all doing fine. How many of you are getting into the festive spirit? Lols I aint there yet sha .. I made a new friend , yaay .. is it disturbing that I connect with children more ? Either way I love children .. My new friend Phoebe ,… Continue reading Phoebes science project

Life talks

Call etiquette

:thatIdomageh Call etiquettes 儭 Its quiet not surprising to notice that a lot of individuals do not know or refuse to learn simple etiquette related to phone calls. Here are a few below . 1 The Max time you are advised to dial a number is twice , unless its an emergency. If its… Continue reading Call etiquette

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The blue eye beads 尿

Hi guys , Thank you for your support, for your love and wherever you are , I wish the best in life! Sometime in our lives we might have come across this pattern on beads , clothing or home decor consisting of a blue outline, a tiny black line after it ,white and other shades… Continue reading The blue eye beads 尿

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I dont need more friends.

Hmm, Where do we start from, The phrase let us be friends used instead of no . Mostly used when love is professed.. The major victim are the male gender . But! It goes both ways, as ladies do get rejected and friend zoned too .. Please, do not be pressured to become friends with… Continue reading I dont need more friends.

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碓hoto credit :that_Idoma-geh Let go of the scrap that-Idoma-geh In my lifetime on earth I have been broken into tiny bits Lost part of myself; intentionally, accidentally, unknowingly and some parts Stolen . Some I lent out and was returned. How was it returned? Broken , used , hmm most times damaged . Sigh… Continue reading Scrap

Gist corner, Life talks, Write ups/ Poetry

The God behind the cloud 儭 儭

The God behind the cloud 儭 For she remembered in a sermon The priest all dressed in white , his finger pointing to heaven , the veins on his temple pulsating , Look to hills from whence cometh your help . She looked to the hills and she found no help , she found nothing… Continue reading The God behind the cloud 儭 儭


Museum visit 2

Its weird right? I know, 1 comes before 2 but procrastination have made 2 come first. Will upload one tomorrow. I visited the Waziri Junaidu History & Culture Bureau Sokoto. Its located in sokoto state Nigeria. History is not a burden on the memory but an illumination of the soul.-unknown I wont be sharing all… Continue reading Museum visit 2

Write ups/ Poetry

Broken wing.

My favorite part of the house is around the flowers. I find all sort of things there , bees, dragon flies, small birds ,butterflies and occasionally bird or lizard eggs . Today I found a wing . It excited me a bit but sent a wave a brief sadness through me . Must have belongs… Continue reading Broken wing.

Life talks

Not ready for the outside

The outside a phrase from the movie home starring Rihanna and Jim parson . A very relatable meme These days I feel like curling up into a ball . Be it the hot weather or the major life change I havent figured it out yet . So my mum asked me to get her bread… Continue reading Not ready for the outside